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The Cooperative contracts with dozens of companies to provide improved quality and service at a lower cost.

IRDF Support
(help with IRDF Educational Operating Grants, Project Grants, and Construction Loans)

Employee Services Program
(help with payroll
and other logistics
for houses employing
a cook or other staff)

Utility Payment Program
(never miss another cable or electric bill again)


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Executive Director:
Scott Klemm

Systems Manager:

Tel 617.452.4053
Fax 617.324.7048

P.O. Box 397068
Cambridge, MA 02139

Office: W20-020A
84 Massachusetts Ave



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The cooperative purchasing

company for independent residences

Welcome to the

FSILG Cooperative, Inc.

(FCI)   website.


Information for potential members and vendors is available here.

Current Members

AILG Safety, Licensing, and Inspection Program.


IRDF Application Support

All Forms          Official Website

All FSILGs can now use the Cooperative for assistance on all IRDF applications: construction loans, project grants, and operating grants.  All FSILGs at MIT are eligible to apply for all IRDF programs.

The general support description is here.

The operating grants cover a portion of each year's operating expenses through grants from the Independent Residence Development Fund.  



Optional Service Programs

The Cooperative is pleased to offer three other programs available to member houses.
The Employee Services Program is a way to outsource the logistics of employee management: payroll, workers’ compensation insurance, health insurance, and SEP-IRA.

The Utility Payment Program ensures that utility payments are timely to avoid late fees and service cutoffs.

The Mail Retrieval Program provides member houses with the retrieval and delivery of mail that the member house would not have the time to pick up. For more information, please contact the FCI Office.



Information For Potential Members:

Potential Member FAQ & Information Sheet

Membership Agreement


Information for Potential Vendors:

Potential Vendor FAQ & Information Sheet